Colorful Leopard Case for IPhone4

When it comes to stylish cases, one can always rely on Generic. Even though the makers sometimes compromise on what all it gives along with the cover, but you can always be sure about the uniqueness and durable material that it uses. With this iphone 4s case as well, Generic has once again proved that it is the king of style when it comes to phones.

The case becomes one of the finest shields for your device and lets you access all the ports and holes easily. Therefore you need not remove the cover when you need to charge your iPhone4 or connect your headphones to it. Generic asks for approximately $4 for this uniquely designed case. But it is found that taking off the cover is very difficult and you need to be very strong if you are thinking of buying this extremely adorable cover or you will need a strong person by your side during the case changing process.

Kensington K33457US iPhone (All models) Charging Dock

Kensington K33457US is a perfect iPhone dock with easily transportable battery charger for a wonderful selling price. I enjoy that the stand has room for both the iPhone and mini charger at the same time, having said that in the event the apple iphone is docked the mini charger will not charge. Not really a major issue since the mini charger is frequently in my bag and charges quite speedily.

Kensington K33457US Charging Dock with Mini Battery Pack for iPhone and iPod, including iPhone 4

I also really appreciated the kick stand for the mini-charger (since we use it to let my kid enjoy videos on our iPhone when we eat at eating places), but we lost it the first occasion we made use of it. Kensington K33457US iPhone charging dock is actually a life-saver considering that all iPhone users understand that these smartphones burn through life of the battery extremely rapidly. Excellent iPhone accessory.

Griffin AirCurve Acoustic Amplifier for iPhone & iPhone 3G

Griffin AirCurve Acoustic Amplifier for iPhone (Clear)This acoustic amplifier is a very cool device, it enables iPhone & iPhone 3G owners hearing the smartphone without earphones, speakers etc. While your device stays on this cradle, Griffin AirCurve Acoustic Amplifer for iPhone also charges automatically & syncing with computer easily using dock cables. This effective iPhone cradle uses the waves of iPhone speaker and amplifies  the sound and channels to the room. Griffin AirCurve will not consume any power from your iPhone, so an energy saver. It can function as an alarm clock in the cradle at night. The dock is attractive, elegant looking. Very balanced price & quality rate. Available on Amazon at an affordable price.

I would also suggest several iPhone rotating holders for home and car usage.

Apple iPhone Stereo Audio Converter

This little cable will enable you to convert Apple iPhone headphone jack to 3.5mm jack.

It is a super choice if you prefer using your own headphone with easy answering the call with the builtin microphone using the switch. Convenient, easy.

It has built-in clip as well, so you can attach the cable to your sleeve, coin pocket etc.

Apple iPhone Stereo 3.5mm Audio Converter with microphone

USB Data Cable for iPhone 3G

USB cable has both hotsync and charging capability for Apple iPod and iPhone 3G.

Up to 400 Mbps rate is quite good for music and data transfer. The cord is 5.75 ft. long. No complaints about the locking mechanism as well.

Why to spend a data cable more than $5? This data cable is around $2 at Amazon and highly rated by its quality.


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